Anxiety Management

Maintaining a good balance between stress and management is important for overall wellbeing

Understanding Anxiety and Stress:

Stress is a normal part of the human experience. Anything that places demands upon coping mechanisms can be defined as stress. Without stress, our motivation to engage in activities, embark on new pursuits, to learn something new is impaired. This is because stress produces the body’s natural arousal to get us going.

Too much stress without the capacity to cope can cause physical, emotional and behavioural problems. Maintaining a good balance between stress and management is important for overall wellbeing.

Anxiety is an emotion all humans experience. It can become debilitating if not kept in control preventing you from engaging in activities, impacting on relationships, causing physical symptoms and impairing behaviours.

Anxiety is a fear of something bad happening or about to happen. When this fear is experienced, the body responds accordingly, preparing to cope with the actual or perceived dangerous situation, sensation or experience.


On 13 April 2017, Healthe Care Australia (“Healthe Care”), Australia’s third largest corporate private hospital operator and pan-Asian health care services group acquired Evolution Healthcare’s three Illawarra hospitals: Shellharbour Private Hospital, South Coast Private Hospital and Wollongong Day Surgery.

Healthe Care currently has:

  • 35 private hospitals (34 in Australia and one in New Zealand)
  • Approaching 7,000 staff
  • Near 2,500 hospital beds

While this website is updated to reflect Healthe Care guidelines, please access information regarding the hospital and its services as usual. For further information about Healthe Care and its 35-strong hospital network, please visit