PTSD Program

At South Coast Private, we are committed to driving excellence in the care and ongoing recovery of our patients through personalised programs and advanced evidence-based practices in an exclusive private mental healthcare facility.

SCP runs two types of programs for patients with PTSD. The initial group therapy program provides a psycho-educative format by which patients develop insight into the nature of PTSD, symptom management, interpersonal sequelae, and relapse prevention. The group program also provides a stepping stone to the more intensive trauma processing program described below.

We have adopted an innovative approach to the management of PTSD in accordance with the National Guidelines for the Treatment of PTSD. Eligible patients are provided with intensive inpatient 1:1 treatment using trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (for PTSD).

“The written material in this program was very informative. The dynamic feedback and other’s experience from within the group gave me the confidence and encouragement to participate”.

“The education was great, more helpful that other programs I have gone through. It is delivered with a high degree of respect and dignity for all participants and the program content was extensive and enlightening”.

“The support from all staff is fantastic. Being surrounded by supportive people who are effective in dealing with mental health problems is very reassuring”.

“Being welcomed into an involved group after a very short time is as important as being part of a group who understands what I have been through”.


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