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No Gap Endoscopy

Eligible Medibank customers in Sydney can now access commonly claimed endoscopy procedures like colonoscopies and gastroscopies with no gap to pay.

Medibank has partnered with Wollongong Day Surgery to help eligible members avoid out-of-pocket medical costs for some endoscopy procedures like gastroscopy and colonoscopy with participating medical specialists at participating hospitals.

Eligible Procedures;
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy

Further information for Medibank customers

Eligible Medibank members with Gastrointestinal Endoscopy included in their hospital cover and who have served all relevant waiting periods could pay no out-of-pockets on the following services as part of their hospital admission:

  • Medical specialist costs
  • Anaesthetist costs
  • Diagnostic tests (scans and blood tests)

Please note that excess and any co-payments under the policy are still payable. Your medical specialist will need to confirm their participation in the program and work with you to decide if the program is right for you and your health needs.

Medibank members can contact us on 132 331 to check their product eligibility and level of cover.

For more information about No Gap Endoscopy visit

Waits for elective surgery cut by insurance deal, at no cost to patients

More than 200,000 patients undergo elective surgery in NSW each year, and most face either long wait times, or have to spend thousands of dollars in health insurance gap payments.

But now the country's biggest private health fund has quietly signed a deal with a major private hospital operator that has seen more than a thousand patients get immediate joint surgery without any upfront costs.

Meet Our No Gap Endoscopy Surgeons

photo of Photo of member.memberName

Dr Beshoy Farrah

Gastroenterology / General Surgery

Dr. Farah is a local gastroenterologist, hepatologist, interventional and therapeutic endoscopist with specific focus in the endoscopic diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal conditions. His practice strongly advocates for liver cancer, bowel cancer screening and other cancer screening programs, and offers fast-track options access for screening purposes to private or self-funding patients who meet specific health criteria.

Learn More About Dr Farah

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Dr Amit Kapur


Dr Amit Kapur is an Australian trained Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, and has recently opened his own consulting rooms within Wollongong Day Surgery on Level 2.

Areas of Interest

• General gastroenterology and hepatology

• Functional bowel pathology

• Microbiome

• Metabolic Syndrome including Fatty Liver Disease

Learn More About Dr Kapur